When you think of the best hiking destinations in all of the United States, what's the first state that comes to mind? I'd guess somewhere out West- Colorado? Utah? Oregon?  Connecticut? Never, but we'd be wrong.

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According to the team at whythisplace.com, and ct.gov, we live in the best state for hiking in all of the USA. Governor Lamont released a new video today as part of Connecticut's new 'Make it Here' marketing campaign which highlights some of the  facts about our state that the rest of the country and us might know about our home. One of the facts pointed out by our Governor is that Connecticut was recently named as the number 1 state overall for hiking for 2023.

Really? Obviously the very brief interaction that Connecticut has with the longest trail in the United States - The Appalachian Trail, is our main attraction. Number one? I've known many friends that have made the trip into New Haven and Hamden to take a hike up West Rock and Sleeping Giant, but those three are better than the trails in Vermont and New Hampshire?

CT.gov does a little explaining -

"#1 state for hiking in the US (Why This Place 2023), including 101 state parks, more than 2,000 miles of hiking and biking paths, and pristine lakes and ponds of all sizes, perfect for fishing, hiking, and exploring."

According to whythisplace.com -

"Connecticut ranked as the best state in America for hiking for it's large proportion of hiking trails, waterfalls, and state and national park coverage. The Constitution State boasts an impressive number of hiking trails in proportion to it's size. In fact, it comes second only to Massachusetts with a whopping 1,455 hiking trails per 1,000 square miles."

Massachusetts was ranked No. 2 by whythisplace.com, and most of New England landed in the top 10, with New Hampshire coming in at 8 and Rhode Island at 10. Sorry Vermont, maybe next year.

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