Should I be surprised that there's a Dollar General in Morris, Connecticut? Not really, but it still disturbs me. Is anyone out there still fighting against the corporations? Are there any cities or towns in Connecticut that still have the 'peace & love' vibe of the 60's?

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Have you noticed that you step back in time the further North you go away from the shoreline in Connecticut? All of Connecticut's infrastructure improvements have been along the 95/84/91 corridor. Go 20 miles away from any of those interstate highways, and you find peace. One town that has not changed that I think has that vibe is Woodbury. Home of Soulbury, Charcoal Chef, a salt cave, New Morning Market, and the best old-school donuts around at Dottie's. Woodbury has maintained that independent spirit of no drive-thru's, no national chain restaurants, etc forever.

There are no Connecticut representatives in American Cities Stuck in the 1960's from, but some of our neighbors are: Northampton, Massachusetts, Portland, Maine, Ithaca, not Woodstock, New York, and Brattleboro & Burlington, Vermont.

How about Collinsville? Washington Depot? Portland? If you want an authentic 'Untouched since the 60's' feel, any of those three should make the list. Beacon Falls? Kent? Litchfield? They still look the same as they did 50 years ago. It's a real badge of honor to remain unattached to the national chains in Connecticut, to resist the conveniences of dollar stores and urban living centers on top of industrial brownfields.

I think I'll stay in Torrington, it's like living in the 90's there.

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