Two recent close calls with inattentive motorists have rattled members of Torrington's Fire Department. They've issued a plea for all of us to use caution around emergency vehicles via social media.

Have you ever broken down on a busy street or highway? Do you see the look of fear in the eyes of the police officer/firefighter/tow truck driver sent to help as vehicles pass within inches at 30-50-70MPH? All it takes for disaster is one second of distracted driving. The Torrington Fire Department - Local 1567's Engine 4 has encountered two recent close calls.

In a post to a group I belong to 'Torrington Chatter' on Facebook, Local 1567 truly implores the public to pass responding emergency vehicles with caution. A Torrington firefighter was recently injured when members of Engine 4 responded to calls about a wire down across a roadway. While they were assessing the situation, a motorist drove over the downed wire, entangling and injuring the fireman. Also, on May 8, 2024, Engine 4 was nearly hit by a passing motorcyclist along Route 8 as they were responding to a call, and they've posted a photo of the skid mark along Route 8 as proof of how close it came, it was within two feet.

Connecticut's Move Over Law is crystal clear  - All drivers, on any two lane roadway in Connecticut, are required by law to slow down to a reasonable level BELOW the speed limit for ANY stationary vehicle on the side of the road, not just emergency vehicles or tow truck drivers. On Connecticut one-lane roadways, the law states that you must slow down because there is no other lane to "Move over" to.

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