Money is the word at the top of every brain in Connecticut.

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The state is filled with the "haves" and the "have-nots" and the differences are astonishing. Some of the richest communities in America are right here in the Nutmeg State and they sit just miles away from communities that are barely getting by. These are the Top 10 Poorest Neighborhoods in Connecticut.

In the Shadows of Wealth: Connecticut's 10 Most Impoverished Neighborhoods

The pockets of wealth in Connecticut are off the charts and that is the perception of our state in the rest of the country. Many Americans from other regions make assumptions about life in the Nutmeg State that we know are far from the truth. There are pristine communities where the rich and the powerful play with their toys and then there is everyone else. That division, that difference is extreme but for some it must seem even more desperate. These are the communities they don't tell people about, Connecticut's 10 Most Impoverished Neighborhoods.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Connecticut is really not what outsiders think it is, it is tough to survive the cost of living here. When I tell people from out-of-state where I live the responses are hilarious. Then, if they've actually heard of Fairfield County, the responses are even more off key. I just say, yes I am aware of the rich people and I've even spoken with a few but no one has offered to give me any money just yet.

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Road Snacks Methodology: They used a variety of metrics to come to these conclusions that included poverty level, median household income and each place had to have a minimum of 9,000 people to qualify.World Population Review is cool too, it tells you who lives where all around the world.

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