Every year bicyclists in the buff jump on their bikes carefully for the Annual Philly Naked Bike Ride. 

According to an article in apnews.com., for the last two years, the naked participants were hampered by chilly weather, so this year they've decided to warm things up by scheduling their 'in the buff' ride for August 24 hoping for a sizzling summer's day.

The participants in the Naked Bike Ride go as bare as they dare. Some riders go stark buck naked while others may paint and/or glitter up their nakedness just for the fun of it. Maybe you're wondering why any human would sit their bare ass down on a bicycle seat for all to see.

The Philly Naked Bike Ride does have a purpose and that's to promote fuel conscious consumption, positive body image, and cycling advocacy. I do have a couple of questions that other naked bike riders might be able to answer.

  1. Do you implement some type of cushion on your seat to protect the jewels?
  2. After riding your bike in the buff for an hour or two do you lose feeling in the crotchular area?
  3. If it's a hot sunny day, what is your go-to SPF sunscreen?
  4. Are you stark buck naked during the pre-race and post-race festivities?    


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