People who have never been to the Labor Day Parade in Newtown are always surprised at how big it is. It's seriously a big production, and that means that some roads will definitely be closed on Monday.

It's good to know ahead of time what roads will be closed, in case you need to navigate around Newtown during the parade. According to the parade's website, these roads will be closed starting at 9:30 a.m.:

  • Route 25 (Main Street) North of Johnnie Cake Lane (Mt. Pleasant) to Route 302 (Sugar Street)
  • Glover Avenue
  • Queen Street (between Glover Avenue and Church Hill Road)
  • Church Hill Road (North of Queen Street)

It's also important to note that at 8 a.m. Currituck Road will be one way.

If you are attending the parade there you can usually find parking by Big Y, Caraluzzi's, Hawley School, and St. Rose. I would get there early though; people like to get set up early for the parade so spots can go fast. There is also a shuttle bus that will pick-up from Hawley and St. Rose and drop off at Main Street & Currituck, the top of Johnnie Cake, and the Flag Pole.

"No Parking" signs are now placed on side roads. My in-laws live on one of the side roads and before the town started putting those signs up and down the roads the parade was kind of a nightmare, for parking anyway. People didn't seem to think twice about parking right in front of their driveway, as long as they got a parking spot. So the signs are a good thing.

If you would like more information about the parade you can visit

See you at the parade!

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