Swerving in and out of lanes and driving with flashing lights is going to draw the attention of people who may just call 911. How do you think this scenario ends?

According to the report filed by Connecticut State Trooper Richter from Troop G, New York City resident Popeye C Whittingham did more than drive recklessly.

The report states that Troop G got numerous 911 calls about a Nissan SUV traveling with front and rear emergency lights on. The vehicle was traveling on and off the center median of Interstate 95, passing traffic, tailgating, splitting the lanes and cutting from side to side on the highway.

Whittingham drove past Troopers that were in the vicinity and Trooper Richter was able to pull him over. According to police, the vehicle's registration was expired, and Whittingham also led Troopers to believe he was a New York City cop when he flashed a Detective Badge.

Further police investigation showed Whittingham had no police powers, and the decision was made to arrest him. It was later discovered that he had an arrest history, including criminal attempt to commit murder, a weapons violation out of New York State, and numerous aliases.

Whittingham was charged with numerous motor vehicle charges and impersonating a police officer. He posted bail and is due in court on May 3.

I don't know about you, but I see this guy as a flight risk. I know our prisons are crowded, but I'm surprised he's still on the streets.

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