It's an ever changing world out there. Everyday the societal laws of what is accepted and tolerated change. What we think about race, religion, sex, gender and politics is light years from what it was 20 years ago and can even change in a matter of weeks.

I can understand that technology has made the world smaller and shed a light on injustices everywhere. The 24 hours news cycle inundates us with negativity and violence. It would stand to reason that people would demand an enact change.

Some things really get on my nerves though. There are in my opinion many cases of over correcting. I think often times MEN are given the short end of the stick in those instances. Here's an example. In Madrid, Spain they have made "manspreading" illegal on public transit. I read this and you can too on Conde Nast Traveler. I of course have a subscription.

If you do not know what "manspreading" is I will try and explain it as simply as possible. It's the act of a man sitting with his legs spread. That's it in a nutshell. That' s how we sit because we do not want to squish our junk. The reasoning behind banning "manspreading" apparently is that we are taking up too much room when we sit that way.

So for me this is a perfect example of guys getting the short end of the social stick. There is not any other group of people on planet Earth that could be told how to sit without the world burning and we all know it. While it bothers me I also know that complaining about this kind of thing in large groups will serve to do nothing but get me yelled at and give me a headache.

With that in mind I am starting a group called: Man Tolerance Organization of America. Our mission is to gather once a week in a "safe space" and share man problems and opinions without the fear of being jailed for talking like a caveman. You can just say what you gotta say and not be ousted from the community. The plan is to meet in VFW's and American Legion halls and just not be yelled at.

The fact is I don't care what anyone else does but I would like to be left alone myself. I do not want to be told how to sit or speak. Whatever group in Spain got together and decided it would be OK to tell men they cannot sit how they want just does not get it.

I even wrote a PSA for my new organization and read it this morning on the Ethan and Lou show. The problem there is I read it while playing copyrighted music so no audio for you. Here is a transcript of the announcement instead:


Are you a man? Are you a man who feels marginalized? Do you feel that society is out to get you?
You are not alone.

As we speak, there are people starting their day and dedicating that day to making your life more difficult even if you mind your business.

These people for one reason or another believe that everything you do contributes to the downfall of humanity. They think the world would be a better place without your ideas, your penis and your presence.

You don't have to feel alone, you are valued and YES, you are a person.

Join me and my brothers in a movement I call MAN Tolerance.

I'm Lou Milano and I am the founder of the Man Tolerance Organization of America.

MTOA meets every Thursday in VFW's all around the country. This is a safe space. You can come and sit comfortably in a quiet room, free from judgement with the ability to say what you think and not be villafied.

MAN TOLERANCE, Because your penis is not a disease.

So there you go, that is my group. Who wants in?


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