I am not really going to prison, thankfully. We posed this question to the listeners though and they had some really helpful suggestions.

We also checked the mailbag and here is what some others had to say:

Lynne: Before: manscape... while in there: hope to learn new things. - I WOULD DISAGREE STRONGLY. I DON'T THINK THE GOAL IS TO BE MORE DESIRABLE.

Ron: Have someone put money in you commissary account. Buy protection, depending on where you go. - SOUNDS LIKE MAYBE RON KNOWS A BIT ABOUT THIS. 

Josh: Test drive a Dodge Hellcat 720 some odd horsepower motor then when you go in. There will be nobody tougher than you - YOU MIGHT HAVE A TOUGH TIME EXPLAINING THIS ONE WHILE GETTING YOUR TEETH PUNCHED IN. 

Russell: Before - get your bum sutured closed.
While you're there - stand with your back to a wall at all times. - SOUND ADVICE 

Kevin: Before you go in don't wash or shave your ass or undercarriage for 30 days. While in, show off you stinky bits, which have probably developed a rash.
Nobody will want to blank your blank. - GROSS BUT PROBABLY FOR THE BEST 

Well thank God I am not going to jail. Fair chance I would be running for my life screaming bad touch. If you have any more suggestions, let us know.

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