As we reported yesterday, an estimated 500 students staged a walkout yesterday at Danbury High School. Their reasoning was that no charges were filed against a man who was reportedly intoxicated and screaming racially insensitive things at the students last month.

The video of him screaming, "You'll be out of the country you f-----g illegal!" went viral soon after the incident, and an investigation was launched by the Danbury Police Department.

According to the police, the man was punched by someone. He ended up declining to press charges and he himself ended up not being charged with a crime. I spoke about this today on the Ethan and Lou Show:

Here is why I am glad he got punched. School grounds are sacred and should be treated as such. Our children, whether in grade school or high school, should not be subjected to this type of behavior at school, period. The guy, according to all the reports, was intoxicated and yelling at children.

That is their environment. If you are not a student, administrator, or a teacher, you should not be there. Sure, parents can pick up their kids. However, while a parent is on school grounds they should be quiet, out of the way, respectful, and leave as soon as possible. It is the teachers and the kids that that "space" belongs to. My environment is my home, my front lawn, my workplace. If anyone came to any one of my environments and acted that way, they, too, would get punched in the face.

People act the way this man did because no one gets their ass kicked anymore. I'm not suggesting we should be a more violent culture. What I am saying is less shooting and stabbing, and few more jabs and uppercuts.

If this guy thought he would get cracked in the head, he might not have drank a 12 pack of Miller and picked a fight with some kids. That is what he did -- he picked a fight with kids.

I had people telling me in the office this morning that I am wrong. The kids were in the wrong they said. To that, I say, they are kids. They are less mentally and emotionally equipped to deal with the situation. He is the adult and should have acted like one. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Pick on someone your own size?"

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