About 500 Danbury High School Students took to the school's football field this morning (Feb. 23) in a protest regarding the outcome of a widely reported incident last month.

According to a press release, several officers from the Danbury Police Department were dispatched to Danbury High School at about 9:37 AM today, when they were informed that the protest was taking place.

Apparently, the 500 students that took part in the protest are upset that a man was not arrested for his involvement in a supposed racially charged incident that occurred at Danbury High School shortly after President Trump's inauguration back on January 20.

The Danbury PD says that the protest lasted for a peaceful and pretty much uneventful 30 minutes before most of the crowd dispersed. No injuries at all were reported and the officers continued keep an eye on the situation until around 11:45 AM. No arrests were made.

If you're unfamiliar with the original incident that was the basis of the protest here is a link to the full story:

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