When you see Iggy Pop in concert, you're witnessing one of rock's greatest live performers ever. And the legendary rocker proved once again why he's a master of the stage on Thursday night (April 14) at the Capitol Theatre, in Port Chester, N.Y.

Iggy co-wrote his latest album, Post Pop Depression, with Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, and on this tour, he's backed by Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen and Dean Fertita of QOTSA, along with Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders and former Chavez frontman Matt Sweeney. The band is both dapper and tight, bringing some wonderful instrumentation to both the new songs and Iggy's classic solo tracks from the '70s.

The show kicked off with one of Iggy's signature solo songs, "Lust for Life," as he came out wearing a suit to match the rest of the musicians in his band. While the years of physically destroying himself onstage have no doubt taken a toll a Iggy, the punk-rock icon has barely slowed down at the age of 68. From the get-go, he darted around the stage like a kid in a playground. By the third song, Iggy removed his blazer and was shirtless for the rest of the show, showing off a chiseled yet weathered physique.

The 22-song set was comprised of songs from three albums, the newly released Post Pop Depression and the classics The Idiot and Lust for Life, except for "Repo Man" off the soundtrack to the film by the same name. The music from the three albums blended together seamlessly, as Homme helped Iggy find a similar vibe on Post Pop Depression to what David Bowie helped Iggy concoct on The Idiot and Lust for Life.

Iggy wasn't afraid to get intimate with the audience throughout the evening. He took a running stage dive during the first half of the show, and then made his way down into the crowd and walked through the entire floor level of the Capitol Theatre as he mingled face to face with fans during the song "Fall in Love With Me" toward the end of the set. He also got intimate with the equipment onstage, simulating sex with one of the speakers during "Nightclubbing."

During the classic sing-along song "The Passenger," Iggy took some time to address the fans sitting in the balcony, saying, "You must be rich folk because you have lard in your asses," at which point they all got up on their feet like the rest of the crowd.

Josh Homme had some nice spotlights during the show, offering up impressive guitar solos on "China Girl" and "Tonight.' The band as whole was a joy to watch, bringing a refreshed sound to Iggy's classic tracks. Meanwhile, the new songs were received just as warmly as the older cuts, with fans singing along to Post Pop Depression tunes like "Gardenia" and Break Into Your Heart."

It was unusual to see Iggy not perform any Stooges songs in concert, but given the recent deaths of Stooges band members and the overall vibe of the new album, it's understandable. Sure, it would have been cool to see what Homme and the band came up with for songs like "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "Search and Destroy," but this a tour to celebrate Iggy Pop, the solo artist, and it certainly made for an entertaining show.

There's only a few dates left on the Post Pop Depression tour, and who knows if this lineup will tour again, but fans who did witness this trek were treated to a masterful performance. Check out our exclusive photos of Iggy Pop and his Post Pop Depression band in the gallery above.

Iggy Pop, Port Chester (April 14, 2016) Setlist:

Lust for Life
Sister Midnight
American Valhalla
In the Lobby
Some Weird Sin
German Days
Mass Production
The Passenger
China Girl

Break Into Your Heart
Fall in Love With Me
Repo Man
Chocolate Drops

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