It has been SO many years since something this big has happened in the rock and roll landscape. 

The Foo Fighters, in my opinion, have been the only semi-youthful band that has held their own, and consistently cranked out great music and tours. They have held the weight of the Rock and Roll world on their shoulders. The facts are the facts. The appeal of Rock and Roll, at it's core, has to do with youthful rebellion.

Rock stars from the 60s, 70s and 80s were unrelenting in their pursuit of all things rebellious. They spoke to the youth, who felt as if they were not a part of something. It formed communities. The more great rock music that got made, the more new musicians were inspired to make their own. Any rock legend and/or icon will eagerly share stories of who inspired them, and who they were fans of. Most can pinpoint the moment that a song or band changed their life.

Guns 'N' Roses reuniting before their expiration date, in my opinion, will inspire talented young musicians. The excitement surrounding this tour is palpable. You can feel a sigh of relief, and an anticipation to see something special.

Now is the time. This summer some young guitarist who wants to break out will attend a GNR concert with his dad. He will see Slash do ungodly things with his guitar. He will see Axl Rose do or say something that makes him say, "I want that, this is my life from here on out." Or at least I hope so.

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