How does Connecticut rank in the country?

Not news to anyone that a lot of people are still having a hard time finding jobs. Now, add in that Connecticut is underway with state employee layoffs. As a matter of fact, just yesterday, more than 120 judicial branch employees were laid off, mostly juvenile detention officers and trainees

Where exactly do we stand in the overall rankings for the country as Connecticut's unemployment rate creeps higher? According to CBIA Economist Peter Gioia, Connecticut now has the highest unemployment rate in New England. Gioia says the problem is made worse by the fact that high-paying jobs that have been lost are being replaced by lower-wage positions.

In statistics found on, so far in 2016 Connecticut's unemployment rate is trending just a bit higher than the rest of the United States. With nearly 2,000 state employees due for layoffs we can only expect that number to climb higher. If you are currently looking for a job, the CT Hires portion of is a good resource.

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