Through the summer and fall of 2020, well into the pandemic, a unique venue started putting on live, socially-distanced performances here in Morris, Connecticut.

They were one of only a few venues across the region to safely book and pull off national entertainment. South Farms is right off of Rt. 63 and Rt.109, at 21 Higbie Road, basically the midway point between Litchfield and Watertown. You would have never expected Pete Davidson, Warren Haynes, Southside Johnny, Bill Burr, Grace Potter, or Pigeons Playing Ping Pong to be anywhere near this part of the state, unless the were staying at the other incredible destination in Morris, Winvian Farm.

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A few resident of Morris finally had enough of the beautiful noise that was rolling through the hills of their very quiet town, and a cease-and-desist order effectively shut down the music at South Farm in October/November 2020.

I've seen a few rumblings of live performances being held there again this year, and just now I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and found a post from The Performing Arts Field at South Farms that urges Morris residents to speak up if they'd like to see live music and entertainment in their town again.

Briefly, the article states that this Monday, April 12, 2021, South Farms application/plan to put on performances again at the Farm, with all the things that they've thought of in ways of improvements over the past few months, will be considered during the Morris Planning and Zoning Meeting, which is being held at 7PM at the James Morris School Gymnasium.

The post urges Morris residents to speak up by mail or e-mail if they support South Farm's effort to continue to bring the arts to 06763. Good luck to the Performing Arts Field at South Farms, I think that this past year has proven that the world is a better place when there is live music, theater, big screen movies, and world-class entertainment in our hometowns. I'm much happier driving 15 minutes home from Morris, rather than 90 minutes from NYC.

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