Since we started having Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton on the Ethan and Lou show weekly, we get constant mail from people with questions and concerns.

At first, the concerns were for the City of Danbury. Lately, they have been about the state of Connecticut, due to his endorsement from the Republican party in the state.

We posed the question this morning on the Ethan and Lou show, and there was a huge response. I wanted to continue the conversation here. We will pass along your questions, concerns and let the Mayor know what you would like to see changed in the state of CT. Here are a few of the things our listeners mentioned this morning:

  • State income tax
  • Struggles with school services for special needs students.
  • Crumbling State infrastructure
  • Healthcare reform
  • Legalization of recreational marijuana

The list goes on and on. People are understandably worried about the direction of our state. What would you like to ask of Mark Boughton should he become Governor?

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