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We know you love your Classic Rock, and we know you love to rock with us at work. With so many more people working from home, you're no longer prisoner to Betty in Accounting, who wields executive power over the office radio and who swore an allegiance to the "Easy Listening" station 88 years ago. Classic Rock has been that "comfort food" that's gotten us through the good days and bad days. And now, we're giving you even more of it.

Weekdays just after 8 AM, Ethan and Lou will do the i95 Workday Kickoff. That's 2 hours commercial-free. They'll still give you all the Ethan and Lou goofiness that you know and love, including that all important second round of Missed Headlines at 8:45, but they'll also be cramming in a lot more awesome Classic Rock to start your workday.

Don't get us wrong- without commercials, we wouldn't be able to pay the bills here at the station. You also wouldn't know about what businesses are open and what they're offering. You wouldn't know about events and concerts, not that there are any right now to tell you about, but they'll be back. We think it's a pretty good tradeoff for listening without any subscription fees or monthly charges.

But, we know the biggest reason you listen is for lots and lots of Classic Rock- to make you feel good, to give you a little escape, and to keep you pumped up for the workday. So crank us up on the app, your Alexa, or at 95.1 FM and rock with us on the Workday Kickoff with i95.

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