I saw Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru this morning moments after looking in the direction of the sun. I stopped to talk to Owen and discussed the "harvest" and it sounds like the new droids are working out just fine. He did chew my ear off about his nephew being a brat but that's kids. They just don't know when to stop dreaming and start farming moisture.

Nothing like a binary sunrise to start the day. You know it's hotter than fat man's thighs when you see a sun or, in this case two that are as orange and hazy as the one we got this morning. It's time for me to file my application with "The Academy" and get the hell outta here.

I believe I read somewhere that the suggested SPF for today is 6,000. Lotion up, hydrate and fire up the vaporator, it's gonna be hotter than a mother.

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