If you want to see some of the most colorful and spectacular displays of beautiful Fall foliage in Connecticut, we all know as residents that the Northwest corner of our state is the best. For the first time, I experienced the crush of out-of-state leaf peepers in Kent, now, I don't like them either.

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I've giggled at the online rants from residents of all the small, quiet towns in Greater Danbury and Northwest Connecticut, moaning about the influx of Manhattanites/Jersey-shore into our suburbs through the pandemic. I wasn't giggling this past Saturday afternoon, I made the mistake of forgetting about the seasonal leaf-peepers, and took RT. 22/55/7 between Pawling, NY and Kent, Connecticut. Now I have seen with my own eyes what thousands of slow-moving Range Rovers can do to destroy the mood on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Litchfield County.

It took 20 minutes to get through the Rt. 7/341 intersection. Normally? You might have to stop at the light? There were around 40 motorcycles shuffling their way around the parking lot at the Mobil. Look at the leaves people. The guy on the Slingshot, with the head tattoo is more interesting than the wonder of Mother Nature?

The tiny little towns of Northwest Connecticut are absolutely swarmed when the leaves start to change, and I can see why it's got to wear thin quickly. There are times over the past year that I haven't seen a single car between Big Y in New Milford and Kent, it's a rarity, but it happens. Come on big wind, it's time for warm weather 2023 to be over.

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