Forget these digital, algorithm based computer servers that THINK they know what music you love. I got you covered. We have all accidentally clicked on a Tori Amos channel on Spotify and messed our "shuffle game" up for life. Go download these songs, in this order, get in the car, roll down the window and get happy.

Track 1 - Alice Cooper - "School's Out" - Any mix tape artists starts out with a classic that is sure to fit the theme and make everyone in the car happy. This is THAT song.

Track 2 - Bananarama - "Cruel Summer" - This is that Ah-Ha moment when you realize that yeah all the songs will be good but you don't know where I'm taking you next.

Track 3 - Chicago - "Saturday in the Park" - Song three has solidified that I am out to make you smile, to make you happy and nothing makes people happier than a Chicago classic.

Track 4 - Foo Fighters - "Everlong" - WARNING - While listening to this song your foot is likely to get HEAVY on the accelerator in the car. There is a gradual build that will take you from driving 70 in a 65 zone to 95 in a 65.

Track 5 - Huey Lewis & The News - "Power of Love" - You can put both Huey and his News in any mix tape and you will not be disappointing anyone. It's almost like cheating. I am cheating on you with YOU.

Track 6 - Kenny Loggins - "Danger Zone" - We interviewed Kenny Loggins once on the Ethan and Lou show and let's just say Kenny and I don't see eye to eye on life. This does not mean I will ever turn my back on Loggins music. I have compartmentalized my feelings on Kenny. There is Kenny's music and there is the man Kenny Loggins who wants to talk about any of his music as long as it's not the popular music that we all know and love.

Track 7 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Aeroplane" - This song takes you on a joy roller coaster ride through about six sub-genre's of Rock and Roll.

Track 8 - Aerosmith - "Crazy" - I had to mix in one where the tempo comes down a notch and who better to do that with than Aerosmith?

Track 9 - Toadies - "Possum Kingdom" - We all love this song, we all know the words and want to sing along. It seems however that none of us can remember the artist or the title when we most want to.

Enjoy the greatest "FIRE JAM" summer driving mix tape of all time.

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