The NY Giants lost to 28-14 to Buffalo Bills yesterday at Met Life Stadium. At no point outside the first five minutes of the game did anyone watching in attendance or at home think the Giants stood a chance of climbing back into the game. They looked stale, they looked out of sorts and they played gutless football.

This week was the week I was giving "Big Blue" a chance to prove me wrong. Home against the Bills with one of the most dynamic running backs in football, on your team, you should be able to win. They didn't win or look capable of winning this game. Most of the talking heads and fans are already giving them a pass and saying the Bills are a much better team than people give them credit for. It's just the Bills, get real.

The next two weeks N.Y. plays the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Redskins. Part of me still wants to say they can win one, they can win both. I'm not sure that they can and I'm not wasting another pick on them trying to find out. The Giants uniform and QB are tricking all of our eyes and we are giving them credit for things they did a long time ago.

I want to win the I-95 Pro Football Pick Em' Contest and I'll not be wasting one more point on this sad group.

The NY Giants = UNPICK-ABLE, "Can't win with em."

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