An Instagram husband and wife are getting love for their very relatable post from Saturday (9/19/20). She posted this video with the caption "At least he is honest."

He got his say and now I will do mine. She's not my wife or friend but these outfits are butt and I could do this all day.

Outfit #1 - M is the Sesame Street "Letter of the Day"

If designing clothes to look like letters is the thing right now, I could have a big year. I would be run out of the business after a month but I'd get some heat going for a bit.

Outfit #2 - Cobra Kai Gi - Johnny Lawrence would be proud.

She would need to cut off the sleeves and turn one into a headband but she's so close to "strike first, strike hard, no mercy."

Outfit #3 - H.R. Pufnstuf - You have to be kidding with the shoulders

Also Carole Baskin would like her shorts back.

Outfit #4 - Manila folder - Not only is it a weird/boring color but Angela from the Office would hate it

This outfit somehow is both boring and inappropriate all at once.

Outfit #5 - Candy Cane arms 

Who is making these outfits? Willy Wonka?

Outfit #6 - Funeral for a Friend

This is funeral attire. If she intended to wear this anywhere else, we have some problems.

When this couple made this video, everyone had fun because they are a couple and they laughed together. I don't know them and judged the outfits one at a time so my reaction will be a bit different and deserved.

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