A farm in Brewster is adding two new goats to its growing collection of exotic farm animals.

Tilly Foster Farm, a long-time destination for children and families to enjoy and experience furry and feathered creatures, is adding two new Nigerian Dwarf goats, named “Calvin” and “Hobbes.”

The Nigerian Dwarf goat is a miniature dairy goat from West African. The goats are known for their small size and low maintenance. The colorful breed is a popular pet, as well as a producer of rich milk, which dairies use to make cheese.

“The County is excited to add Calvin and Hobbes to the Tilly Foster Farm family, stated Teresa De Angelis, Tilly Foster Veterinary Technician and animal caretaker. “The breed’s small stature means they do not require as much space or feed as their larger dairy goat counterparts and their gentle and friendly personalities make them good companion pets. Right now we are starting with two but hope to add to the herd in the spring.”

The goats join pigs, four Huacaya Alpacas, two mini horses and a number of chickens as part of the revitalization of Tilly Foster.

Calvin and Hobbes will arrive at the farm in the next few weeks and will be available for viewing shortly after.

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