If you are on Tik-Tok, you've no doubt seen one of these challenge videos, if not there's finally an internet challenge worth seeing, worth doing. WARNING - Clip contains the 'S' word, it's a curse word of cuss. Deal, you've been warned. 

Now that we are all living in some level of isolation we may find ourselves doing this we would not normally do to occupy our time. For instance, before this crisis I swore to never go on Tik-Tok, I also don't play video games unless I am passing the time on my phone with a free app. Since COVID-19 has thrown us all into a situation with many hours to fill, I did join Tik-Tok and I am playing actual video games. This challenge marries these two activities in the best way possible.

I don't know if his reaction was real or if this was staged, either way it was funny. Now get naked because if your significant other is a "gamer" you know there is no grabbing their attention when they are locked in unless you are "buck-buck." "Buck-Buck" means naked, the double buck is for like really naked.

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