Would you be this honest?

In a world of, "what have you done for me lately?" A world of me, me ,me. A world divided often by prejudice and hate, I find it overwhelmingly heart warming to find moments of goodness.

To that end, here's your feel good story of the week. According to nhregister.com a homeless man did a good turn when he certainly could have turned a blind eye.

Elmer Alvarez found a $10,000 check that was lying on the ground in New Haven. Alvarez called the woman who the check was made out to, Roberta Hoskie. Hoskie said she got the call before she even realized the check was missing.

Hoskie, who is president and CEO of Outreach Realty Services told the New Haven Register:

I thought I had it with my stuff in my car. I must have had

it and it slipped

Realistically it would have been tough for anyone to do anything with the check, but to find a way to contact the person who is just a name on the check obviously meant a lot to Hoskie. She posted a video on her Facebook page praising Alvarez's deed.

Elmer Alvarez told the New Haven Register:

My faith is what keeps me going through. ... I always believe that once you do right, right always comes back to you. Because God don’t like ugly

My hope is that his good deed rewards him in many ways.

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