News broke yesterday, Sunday May 9, 2021, that Connecticut has become the first state in the country to vaccinate 70% of its eligible adults.

We're leading the nation when it comes to getting our arms popped with hypodermic needles. Now that Connecticut has vaccinated the majority of it's residents, the spotlight now turns to the other 30%. A good portion of the remaining unvaccinated residents most likely can't make it to one of the massive vaccination sites across the state for one reason or another.

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The Waterbury Health Department took to their social media to announce that the Connecticut Department of Public Health is now trying to get the vaccine to those who are homebound due to physical or medical circumstances.

Most of us take for granted how easy it is to physically be able to get in a vehicle, wait in line, and get the shot. What if you don't have a vehicle? What if you can't make it to your own front door, let alone down a few steps?

If you are physically unable to get to a mass COVID-19 vaccination site, the State of Connecticut DPH is now accepting online applications to get someone in your town to come to your place, and give you the vaccine. If you only need a ride to get the shot, you should not fill out this application, you should instead click HERE for help finding a ride.

The online form is simple, and should only take a moment to complete. Click HERE to access the DPH Homebound Intake Form

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