There is a new record-holder in the carp fishing world here in the Nutmeg State. The catch was made in Lake Lillanonah and it's one for the books for a man named Brian Santos.

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On Tuesday, June 18th Connecticut Fish and Wildlife posted the above picture to their Facebook page with the following caption:

"Tis the season for "congratulations!" This time to Brian Santos, who owns the new catch and release state record (by weight) for Common Carp. Brian's catch, from Lake Lillinonah, was 45 pounds and 5 ounces. Way to go Brian."

We spoke about this on the Wednesday (6/19/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show.

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According to Brian's Facebook page he is "Pro Staff at" which makes perfect sense to me. On the same page he shared his feelings on the catch saying:

"New PB at 45lb 5oz weighed on a certified scale, CT State record verified !
Im absolutely buzzing!!! To land it during the DT Versus Competition just makes it all that more special. Ive been working tirelessly trying to get into the 40 club & ive finally done it in a massive way. Thank you to everybody who helped me along the way.
Caught on an N Blend 24mm boilie."

I reached out to Brian for additional comments via the Face-space and have not heard back just yet but if that changes I'll let you fishy SOB's know what is up. He was probably busy fishing when I sent the message. I can't blame the guy I have messages in my Facebook inbox that date back to 2012 that I have yet to answer. My plan is to sit down and get back to everyone after I retire.

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