The 120-year-old Queen Ann Victorian home at 5 North Salem Road in Ridgefield has become a point of contention for residents.

According to the CT Post, the house is set to be demolished to make way for affordable housing. Some local residents and members of the Ridgefield Historical Society say the house should be preserved.

One thing I know for sure, if they do decide to demolish it, I think they'll likely use fire to bring it down. If there is one thing Ridgefield loves more than anything, it's fire. Especially secret fires.

The real question is; will they burn it down with everyone watching and then launch into a massive cover-up to protect the identity of the person who lit the match? Ya know, even though there were hundreds of eye witnesses, it was filmed and the video was widely distributed?

Does that sound like Ridgefield? Get your s'mores stuff, it's gonna be a hideous, raging inferno.


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