The 1980’s was all about fun, odd fashion and for many, the mall.

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Back then, you didn’t just go to the mall to shop; you went to socialize and be seen. The mall was the center of the teenage culture. A young person might enter a dance contest, a modeling contest, or wait in line to see a famous actor or musician.

Why have people go one place for fun, another for clothes and another for food? The mall centralized all of this feverish spending in one giant box, and the American public ate it up. CT and New York would end up with malls that would stand the test of time but one came before the other.

The Jefferson Valley Mall Opened in Yorktown Heights, NY in 1983. That gave it a three-year head start on the Danbury Fair Mall which opened in 1986. If you lived in Brewster, Carmel, Mahopac and even in Danbury and were headed to “the mall’ in 1985, that probably meant you were going to the Jefferson Valley Mall.

By the time Danbury’s mall opened in '86, shopping malls were already big business, the mall had become the place to be. It’s a place where the expendable income of an adult would find its way into the hands of a teenager who was ready to expend it.

Hilarious 80’s Images from the Jefferson Valley Mall in Westchester

Wherever, there is money to be made, clever marketing will follow and the Jefferson Valley Mall had it in the 80’s. The mall had become the setting of a Westchester, NY cable access TV show called “What’s in Store.” The products, fashion and mall culture were on display. Frank McNanty and Debbie Weiner were the hosts, and thanks to Youtube, these videos are still available today. These are Some of the Most Hilarious Images from The Jefferson Valley Mall in the 80’s. 

The Videos were produced by Andrew Stein Videography and posted to Youtube by the same company.

I'm just jealous because I was "too little" to hangout at the mall.

I'm not too little, you're too little.

7 of Danbury's Most Interesting Signs

There is a song by Tesla and the lyrics go something like this:

"Signs Signs, everywhere there's signs blocking out the scenery breaking my mind, do this, don't do that can't you read the sign?" I think the song was actually written by a man named Les Emmerson but that is for another day. Signs can block out the scenery, disturb or even make people laugh. Danbury, CT has it's fair share of signs, these are just a bit more interesting than your average public message.

Drone Footage Captures Magical Essence of New Milford in Fall

Recently someone set out to capture the Essence and Magic of New Milford in the fall and they nailed it. New Milford is beautiful from the ground but has another level of elegance from the sky. These are images taken from a drone over New Milford in Fall of 2021. 

Look Inside Rarely Seen Corners of Brewster

There is an area in Brewster, NY where US 202, Lower Mine Road, the Croton River, the train tracks and a reservoir all converge. This is a look inside the rarely seen corners of Brewster AKA the Town of Southeast. 

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