Photo Taken from YouTube Video by WTNH News 8
Photo Taken from YouTube Video by WTNH News 8

The opposition towards Lamont's pro toll proposal is gaining momentum.

From comes word that 'No Tolls CT' has purchased billboard space in an attempt to shoot down Governor Lamont's plan to install electronic tolls. The billboards were put up last week along interstates 91, 84, and 95. is a grassroots opposition group reminding lawmakers of Connecticut residents' continued disapproval of Lamont's pro toll agenda and to remind them to personally call their representative to make their feelings known.

Lamont tried to sell placing 50 gantries on four highways to Connecticut's General Assembly without success even though he said it would raise $800 million. Could it be that lawmakers couldn't get it passed because they're worried about their jobs that could possibly be in jeopardy with the 2020 elections around the corner?

The residents of Connecticut have spoken, so now Governor Lamont's team is formulating a new strategy by reaching out to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation hoping the federal government may be able to lend a hand by maximizing federal money. Currently, there is no definitive plan in place.      

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