Brookfield, CT has been the broadcast home for an important radio station for a lot longer than people may think. One station in particular, has been wildly popular and important in the community since it's birth many years ago, I-95.

Amazing Pictures and Facts About I-95 (WRKI) and Its Broadcast Tower

Mark Weiss is a retired broadcast engineer, avid I-95 listener and a drone enthusiast. Recently, I published an article that featured drone photography and Mark messaged me and said, "that's nothing, you should see what I have."

I asked him to share what he had and he sent these stunning photos. He photographed the I-95 (WRKI) broadcast tower from above. Weiss shot the photos in 2018. He sent them to me and attached a note that read: "Flown by DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0."

Rather than just publish the photos, I wanted to add some accessory information. I spoke to a few current employees, a few former employees and dug through the oldest file cabinet we have to find out some things, even I didn't know. These are some amazing photos of our broadcast tower and some fun information about it's history and the history of I-95.
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