I was talking to my old buddy Peter Morcey the other day, he's the owner of Brass City Tattoo on the Oakville/Waterbury line, and asked him to give me an idea about something cool in Waterbury that I could write about. Pete is an encyclopedia of the greater Waterbury area, he's a history lover, and has accumulated an astonishing collection of local artifacts, old maps, and knowledge.

He said "Why don't you write about the Hancock Brook Trail, it's the only Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail in Waterbury, and a lot of people don't know about it". Thank you Pete.

The funny thing is, I've been there. Back in the day, my old friends the Platt brothers, who lived in the Waterville section of town, used to take us along the trail to a clearing, where we used to shoot stuff. It's been years, but I remember being stunned by how beautiful it was. The Hiking Trail runs along Hancock Brook, which stretches it's tributaries from Hancock Lake through parts of Plymouth, Terryville, Bristol, Wolcott, and Waterbury, where it meets the Naugatuck River.

According to ctwoodlands.org, the Hancock Brook Hiking Trail is 2.6 miles long, it cuts through a deep hemlock ravine, features rugged ledges and high cliffs, and when you reach the summit of Lion Head at 660 feet, you'll be rewarded with a sweeping Westerly view of the Naugatuck Valley.

Pete Morcey told me -

"It's awesome because of where it's located. You would never imagine that you were in Waterbury once you start hiking. There are so many different environments. Lion's Head rock towers over the whole forest, from the top, you look down over pine trees as Turkey Vultures and Ospreys are circling underneath you."

Great idea from the Lord of the Brass. Get out and enjoy it. I did ask Pete a question, what the hell does Blue-Blazed Trail mean? Connecticut has over 825 miles of recognized trails, and they're marked with blue, rectangular blazes (signs). The Blue-Blazed Trail system is a great way to explore Connecticut's woodlands, remote, and wild places. For an interactive map of the Connecticut Blue-Blazed Trail System, click HERE. Thanks again Pete, now bring Morcey's back to Watertown Avenue.


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