I'm addicted to digital media. I need internet access every minute I'm awake. There are a lot of us out there, especially in New Milford, because man, I've seen so many raging online when they lose access lately.

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I've been going through the same thing in Torrington, my internet goes down every night at 8PM for some reason. I've rebooted the modem hundreds of times, spent days on the phone with customer support, gone through 2 modems, and yet, I still lose it every night at 8PM. New Milford has had it even worse, with some losing service for days, if not weeks. I would go insane after 1 day. Take the power away, as long as I have LTE or 5G, I'm good. Internet goes down? Whew.

It's got to be internal strife at the companies, right? Their company rep didn't call the right rep in the municipal office, or the permit process got screwed up. My provider in Torrington just underwent a name change, so the font is different, and there has had to be a few hiccups behind the scenes. We are also undergoing an infrastructure upgrade from that company that starts with an F that is causing New Milford's agita. Will all of those miles and miles of fiber-optic lines bring us the upload/download speed of our dreams?

Who cares, I want my service now. You're not alone New Milford, I feel your pain and see your outrage and outage. Keep digging crews, we're watching.

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The towns up for consideration were:

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  • Brookfield
  • Bethel
  • Newtown 
  • Ridgefield 
  • New Milford
  • New Fairfield 

The respondents were all current or former residents of the Greater-Danbury Area. I also made sure that I gathered some hilarious comments. #1 is the worst, having the most complaints and #7 is the best of the towns, receiving the least complaints. I counted all the votes from the respondents, and this is how it all worked out.

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