I know it's just not me thinking that the Summer of 2017 has been weird, weather wise.

Before Summer even officially arrived, I thought it was going to be an unusual season. We had hot enough temperatures early on in May that made a lot of people turn on the AC, only to have it turn rainy and cold enough towards the end of May to put the heat back on.

To say the least, it's been an up-and-down Summer in regards to expectations of Summer-like weather. We get days of 90+ degrees, only for it to head back into the 60s. I call that weird for around Connecticut.

Don't get me wrong, the end of July has been perfection. Sunny, comfortably warm and no humidity. But I'm also one of those sun lovers, that doesn't want to hear about temperatures plummeting.

So, I happily report, you're going to be cranking the air conditioning once again, with heat and humidity making a return.

While the National Weather Service for our area doesn't show temperatures in the 90s, they will be in the mid to upper 80s with humidity and the threat of more thunderstorms, as we move back to a more tropical feel for the next week.

Sun's Out, Buns Out! Just make sure to keep an eye on changing conditions, and roll your bod.

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