Let's say you're trying to eat healthier these days by not sucking down a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich every morning. 

Thanks to Health.com, I'm going to give you permission to have a burger for lunch every once in awhile without all the guilt. The following are some of the more healthier burgers at your local fast food joint.

1. Best Plain Burger Patty

Nutritionists say that keeping your meal to about 500 calories is the way to go. The Wendy's Jr. Hamburger weighs in at 230 calories, which could leave you room for a small order of fries.

2. Best Low-Carb Burger

Okay, fine there are definitely no In-N-Out Burgers anywhere near Danbury, but we can dream right? Instead of a bun this burger from In-N-Out Burger uses a lettuce wrap, and checks in at 240 calories.

3. Best Burger With Mushrooms and Cheese

Dairy Queen's Mushroom Swiss Grillburger comes in at 590 calories, and according to the burger's fans, it's an incredible taste sensation.

4. Best Sliders

Ruby Tuesday's Zucchini Cake Minis are made with red peppers and feta cheese, and contain 580 calories. You can also pair these mini burgers with a soup or salad as part of their special combination meals.

5. Best Meatless Drive-Thru Burger

Burger King's BK Veggie Burger is a veggie patty on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, ketchup, tomato, and mayo. If you leave out the mayo, you're talking about only 320 calories.

Burger King Veggie Burger - YouTube Screen Shot
Burger King Veggie Burger - YouTube Screen Shot

6. Best Restaurant Veggie Burger

According to Health.com, Denny's has the best restaurant sit-down veggie burger. This baby's got lots of stuff piled high, including melted pepper jack cheese, spinach, tomato, and grilled mushrooms on a wheat bun, and includes a side of balsamic vinaigrette and a side of veggies. All this gloriousness, and only 540 calories!

For point of reference,  the McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese has 540 calories with 26g of fat, Burger King's Whopper with Cheese weighs in at 760 calories, and 42g of fat. And the heart attack burger, the Hardees Monster Thickburger weighing in at 1140 calories and 108g of fat.

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