It's time to take those winter bird feeders down. Connecticut black bears go down for their long winter's nap in late November until the middle of March. When these furry creatures wake up, their number one priority is to find food immediately.

The CT black bear is becoming more and more adventurous as they search for food and many will casually stroll onto someone's property, hoping to find a bird feeder or an open trash can.

Black Bear in New Milford - Kelly Wilson
Black Bear in New Milford - Kelly Wilson

The photo above was taken by my daughter-in-law, Kelly, after getting Bradley off the bus. As she walked back to the house, she looked up to see this behemoth bear lounging in the grass after taking down the neighbor's bird feeder for an afternoon snack.

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After she screamed "BEAR!!" to warn her neighbors, the bear, who was probably pissed off because he had been disturbed during snack time, lumbered away into the woods, but not before he tipped over a garbage pail behind their house. This is why you should not place a bird feeder where bears can reach them.

Dawn Massey who lives in Farmington, told NBC Connecticut that there was one sighting last summer where a bear came a little too close for comfort.

“One of my daughters was on the swing set in the back by herself and I was in the house and I happened to look out the window at the right time because there was a bear coming through the trees, and it walked right past her and I looked and her face was just stunned.”

According to the website, unless a black bear feels threatened or intimidated, it will ignore humans in most cases. They are actually very gentle creatures but if they smell food, there's a possibility this might happen.

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