What is the significance of a box of headless chickens left in the yard of a Westport homeowner?

Police are scratching their heads as they try to figure out why someone keeps leaving boxes of headless chickens in a yard in Westport. Police are asking for assistance in this bizarre case of harassment against a Franklin Street homeowner.

Westport Police have acquired footage of two people walking down Franklin Street and then slow down and place a box in a fenced-in yard. The pair then proceed to walk towards the Westport train station.

Could the significance of leaving the headless chickens be tied to religious or cultural rituals? According to a November 1998 article in the Hartford Courant, practitioners of the Afro-Carribean religion known as Santeria sacrifice chickens, goats, and other animals as part of some of their rituals. If you have any information, Westport Police are asking you to call, 203-341-3069.

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