Have you ever really studied that huge machine that comes out on the ice between periods of a Danbury Titans game to freshen up the ice?

The Zamboni, also known as an ice resurfacer, is that big-ass multi-tasking machine that gets driven out onto the ice between periods of a hockey game. Because I'm kinda weird, I often times find myself wondering what it would be like to maneuver that sexy gargantuan ice maker onto the rink. Did you know that this wondrous machine has a three-fold task? First, the large sharp blade shaves off the top layer of ice. A horizontal auger collects the ice shavings and funnels them into a large snow container. See what I mean when I say this is one sexy ice slicer?!

Wild Wing rides on the zamboni
Getty Images/NHLI

Wash water is then sprayed down on the ice to improve the quality by getting rid of debris and snow made by deep skate-blade cuts. The coup-de-ice is the rubber squeegee that allows a vacuum nozzle to pick up the excess water and you can watch it all happening at once! Fascinating!  Unfortunately Zamboni drivers aren't rakin' in the cash. The average hourly rate for a Zamboni driver in the United States is between $9 to $14 an hour. It appears to be a job of passion according to a guy known as 'The God of Ice in the Midwest,' Dan Ahearn, who been driving Zamboni's for over 30 years.

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