That is the question I pose. Has your flirty grin, handsome, rugged look, or maybe even a little cleavage gotten you out of trouble in any way, shape or form? Sub question —were you proud of it or ashamed of yourself?

Getty images
Getty images

Before we get started, I must point out that the above cleavage belongs to Salma Hayek. You have to give credit where credit is due.

I think that being a lady is a tough thing, man. You all are the good people and we, meaning men, are bad, no question about it. Take this blog, for instance. You do not think twice about your luscious lady humps in the front or the back, and here I am writing about them at work.

You do, ladies, have an advantage that we do not, and I wonder how many of you use it? The fact is, you can get yourself out of minor trouble by skipping a button and doing some light flirting. Guys can't hang it out and get outta trouble. In fact, you get locked up for that.

So, do you take advantage of the fact that we are knuckle dragging morons that spend way too much time trying to picture you naked? That's my question.

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