The Danbury Police Department, The Connecticut State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are all involved in an investigation that was launched after what have been described as "hate filled flyers and inscriptions" were found on the campus of Western Connecticut State University.

According to a written statement from University President Dr. John B Clark, the flyers and graffiti were found on Halloween Night and authorities believe that the person or persons responsible are from outside of WCSU.

While Dr. Clark's statement didn't get into specifics about what exactly the "hate filled" messages were, CT Post reports that flyers that said “It’s OK to be white,” and “Islam is right about women,” were posted up and scattered on the ground around various parts of the Midtown Campus.

"I am both shocked and immensely saddened about this sick and outrageous behavior," said Dr. Clark. "Especially since our university has worked so hard to be a warm, diverse and caring community for all, no matter their race, color, gender, sexual orientation/identification, disability and age. All members of our community should feel comfortable, safe and secure at the university. Indeed, we all should feel that WCSU is our second home."

The University's President went on to assure the members of the WSCU community that they will "take the appropriate action to defend our university against such virulent attacks and take action against these individual(s)," and that they are "taking every measure possible and working with our law enforcement agencies to find and prosecute these sick individuals and defend our university."

As part of the investigation, authorities are reviewing surveillance footage and interviewing witnesses. Anyone with information is asked to contact University Police at 203-837-9300.


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