We've just received word that Greater Danbury's public transportation provider, HARTransithas just announced that for the first time since March 20, 2020, they they will resume fare collection on their buses and shuttles as of Monday, November 16, 2020. According to John Gatto, Marketing and Graphic Design Coordinator for HARTransit, they suspended fare collection in March in an effort to maintain social distancing between the operators and passengers. In addition, to further protect each other, riders have been asked to enter and exit from the rear doors of the buses, creating even more space between them.

In the months since the fare suspension, barriers have been created and installed on the vehicles, creating a safe boundary between the drivers and passengers. With these safety barriers now in place, HARTransit will now resume collecting fares. As an added incentive for passengers, and as an encouragement from HARTransit for passengers to use plastic instead of cash during this pandemic, HARTtransit is offering 30 Day passes at a reduced rate, at this moment 50% off, until further notice. Also, 10 trip ticket books will be issued to replace 10 trip punch passes, further reducing driver-passenger physical interaction.

You can order your passes by mail, online, or at the Pulse Point ticket window at 3 Kennedy Ave in Danbury during normal business hours. if you need any more information, you can call HARTransit at 203-744-4070.



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