Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from football via social media on Sunday.

While I am a card carrying member of the Patriots Hate Team, I must say I will miss "Gronk." He was a one man show on and off the field. His personality is one of a kind and to me he's more than a great tight end, he was a great football player.

Now that he is gone, The Pats are done here. It's not JUST that Gronkowski won't be taking the field in Foxboro this year. There are other really legitimate reasons why New England won't be going to the Super Bowl anytime soon and they are:

  • Your quarterback is 67 years of age.
  • The Patriots will be at the center of a three ring circus this year. Since Robert Kraft refused a plea deal in his prostitution case the team will be on the the front and back pages of all the papers.
  • With Gronk gone, Edleman is no longer the beneficiary of Rob being double teamed. Edelman is now option #1 and will be covered like a first option.
  • The team is coming off a Super Bowl, all those extra games, press and the celebrations. Championship hangovers are real things and hangovers are always more painful when you are older and the Pats are old. So, since we agree New England won't be in the Super Bowl this year, it's reasonable to assume when the team is one year older the following year, they won't make it then. On and on we go.

Dynasty over, TB 12 is just a derivative of so many other lifestyle programs, you stink, go home.

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