Did you grow up in one of those households that used a Composter? They looked like inverted garbage cans that had to sit outside in the corner of the backyard. My grandmother used to get compost from one of our neighbors for her garden. The organic material inside could sometimes stink to high heaven. But the benefits of a composter far outweighed the stank.

Composting food scraps and yard clippings can help reduce the waste that goes back into your municipalities dump. With the rich, organic material a composter produces, if you have a green thumb, and use the compost materials in your vegetable garden, your veggies will be the envy of your neighborhood.

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments, the regional council that serves the 19 towns and cities around the Naugatuck Valley, has been holding a sale of brand new Composters and Rain Barrels over the past couple of months, and tomorrow, Saturday June 19, 2021, they're going to be delivering these new products at events in Southbury and Cheshire.

It says that the sale is closed, but, according to an NVCOG social media post, if you're interested in purchasing a new composter or rain barrel, I'm sure they'll make it happen. It does say that unclaimed products will be donated to local community garden program.

Every little bit that we do for our environment helps, and I appreciate the fact that the NVCOG has done their part to try and educate us about the benefits of Composting and rain water harvesting. Hopefully this reminder will catch someone's attention that didn't know about the sale.


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