Most of our beloved fairs and festivals may have been lost to the coronavirus this year, but there are a few of our favorites trying to adapt and get their cuisine into our stomachs, and more importantly, to get that much needed missing revenue into the pockets of the great cooks, chefs and vendors who make their living on the festival and fair food circuit. Waterbury's Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, at 937 Chase Parkway, typically held two annual Greek Food Festivals, the big outdoor one on Mother's Day weekend, and they held a smaller indoor one during the holiday season. I love attending any kind of event at the church, they serve incredibly delicious food. This year, the church has held two drive-thru Greek food fundraisers, and they've just announced a third coming up in October.

Photo by Large "Yee-ro" Dave
Photo by Large "Yee-ro" Dave

This is a pre-order only, drive-thru only event. I learned the hard way the first time and didn't get any food. Not last time, I pre-ordered my gyro, and a large Greek salad, and they were so delicious. It's a limited menu, I believe that last time there were maybe 8-10 items overall? But, you can basically pick the time you want it ready for, drive up to the outdoor runners, give them your name, and they will socially-distant/safely put your food wherever you direct them to place it. Every item on the menu was cheap, most were $5-$10, and worth every penny to me. If you want to pre-order for the Saturday October 3, 2020 Greek Food To-Go Fundraiser, call 203-754-5189, or e-mail your order into

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