Former racing greyhounds need help acclimating to the everyday life of a normal dog.

An article on tells us the story of greyhounds that were trained as racing dogs and how they need help to live life as everyday dogs. This is where the Connecticut Prison Greyhound Program comes into play.

Young inmates from the Manson Youth Institution in Chesire have been taught to train and socialize former racing greyhounds. They need to be taught everyday dog skills like climbing stairs.

Not only does the coaching help greyhounds learn to be great pets for a loving home but it also benefits the inmates by giving them a purpose during their incarceration.

After the training is complete, the Manson Youth Institution holds an official 'Greyhound Graduation' which took place this past Thursday. The next step for these hardworking pups is to be placed into a welcoming loving home as a family pet. If you've ever thought about adopting one of these gorgeous dogs, click on

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