Well Connecticut, we can say goodbye to our old marketing campaign 'Still Revolutionary' as of today. The State of Connecticut's new theme for branding and marketing is 'Make It Here', you can see the spiffy new logo above.

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According to Governor Ned Lamont and CT.gov, the State of Connecticut officially launched a new marketing campaign for all of us this morning with the unveiling of a new logo and website with the theme 'Make It Here'. CTmakeithere.com is up and running, with the mission of focusing our identity on Connecticut's 'Creators, Makers, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs'.

What do we make here? According to Lamont "We make the most complex machines in the world - submarines, helicopters, and jet engines. We're home to Fortune 500 companies and game changing start-ups". I just finished watching the news conference announcing the new campaign, which featured a statement from the owners and operators of one of Connecticut's gems The Bristol Bazaar. Bristol Bazaar is a maker's market located at 67 Race Street that features a wide variety of over 50 crafters and designers with community events taking over some of the space also.

According to ct.gov, 'Make It Here' sprung from recent research that found that only half of the residents of Connecticut are proud of our state, and only 21% of us would recommend Connecticut to others. Connecticut does have an identity crisis, most of our immediate neighbors have multiple professional sports teams to rally around. We have the best pizza in the US, and steamed cheeseburgers, plus two of the best casinos in the world. We made those here.

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