For the second year in a row, recreational fishermen can get out there and cast early as Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed an executive order starting the state's fishing season now.

Yesterday, March, 4, 2021, Lamont signed Executive Order No 10B, which basically says that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and fishing being "a healthy outdoor activity that provides an opportunity to enjoy Connecticut's natural resources, so long as anglers safely practice social distancing, stay 6 feet apart, and refrain from traveling in groups", the season can start early. Lamont, effective immediately, has ordered and directed the early opening and start of Connecticut's 2021 fishing season for all inland waters here in the state.

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While Executive Order 10B opens up Connecticut's inland water to fishing, all other fishing laws and regulations remain in effect. So you still have to go get your fishing license before you get out there and cast your bait. All of the CT DEEP's boat launches throughout the state are to remain open provided that they're free of snow and ice, although docks will not be in place yet.

DEEP has been stocking Connecticut's rivers and streams and will continue to do so throughout March and early April. So the early start to the fishing season will allow recently stocked trout to be caught much earlier than the planned April 10, 2021 start for this year.

Some of the best Rivers in Connecticut for Trout fishing are the Farmington River,  the Housatonic River, the Mianus River, the Naugatuck River, and the Kent Falls Brook Trout Park. Good luck anglers!

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