Would taking all guns away from domestic abusers be in defiance of our Second Amendment rights?

According to an article at time.com, New York wants to take guns away from all domestic abusers. Currently, abusers convicted of felonies or serious offenses are not allowed to own firearms. Cuomo wants the law to also include abusers convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors.

Under the current law, only handguns are prohibited in the hands of domestic violence abusers. The Governor would like to expand the law to also include rifles and shotguns. My question to staunch supporters of the Second Amendment is this proposal by Governor Cuomo, as I stated in my first sentence, an affront to the Second Amendment?

I'm not judging, nor am I criticizing here. I'm just curious about how gun owners feel about this proposal. The American Journal of Epidemiology recently finished a study and found that state laws requiring those who are domestic abusers and are not allowed to keep or own any firearms, much like Cuomo is proposing, were associated with a 12% decrease in firearm-related intimate partner homicides.

I would most certainly be interested in your comments regarding Governor Cuomo's proposal.

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