According to an instagram post made by Danbury's Mayor, Mark Boughton, Texas, the missing Connecticut State Police K9 has been found.

As you can see in Mayor Mark's post, he appears to be healthy.

Here's K9 Texas. Healthy and well!!

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The search for Texas started Wednesday night after he was lost in the woods when the State trooper who was handling him, lost his footing and dropped the leash. When the trooper made it to the top of the hill, Texas was nowhere in sight.

At around 10:00 PM last night, police suspended the search, which resumed first thing this morning. Texas was reportedly found at about 10:30 AM today (December 22) by a Monroe resident who says his leash was caught on a fence. The resident used be a K9 handler himself and was on his ATV when he found the dog.

I'm so incredibly happy to hear that Texas will be able to spend Christmas with his family and friends at the Connecticut State Police Department!

Now, let's find the guy who abandoned that beautiful pit bull at Lowe's in Danbury.

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