Hey, why not?

Feel like embracing your inner environmentalist? Do you have some free time, or are you good at multi tasking? Maybe you always keep an eye out for wildlife in your area. If so, this is right up your alley.

Connecticut's DEEP urges residents to keep a tally of all sightings of hen turkeys and poults (young-of-the-year) from June 1 through August 31 as part of the Wildlife Division’s Annual Wild Turkey Brood Survey. Results from this survey allow DEEP biologists to accurately determine turkey productivity and reproductive success by estimating the average number of turkey poults per hen statewide, assessing annual fluctuations in the turkey population, gauging reproductive success each year, and evaluating recruitment of new birds into the fall population.

To participate, volunteers should use this Wild Turkey Observation Form

The  Wildlife Division’s website gives more information about what you are asked to do. If you decide to take on the task you are asked to submit a tally of results to the Wildlife Division shortly after the end of the survey period, which started June 1st and goes until Aug. 31st.

Now get counting.

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